About Dr. Talonda

At the age of 16, I was pregnant in a suburban high school with teachers explaining to me how my life was over. I was expected to spend my life on welfare, dependent on “the man”, and to waste the talents that I never knew I had.

I knew as a young budding musician that I loved music. Singing and playing the piano were the only things I thought I was good at. Music provided my opportunity to exclude the world from my dreams that I had saved only for myself.  However, I had people who never gave up on me. No one expected me to work two jobs, attend school full-time, and graduate early as a teenage mother.  Did I pick up what little items that I "owned" and bring my young child away to college with me? Hell yeah!

You see, someone saw something in me early. They saw a fighter. Someone who refused to do what everyone wanted- to fail. Someone who thought that they could still enjoy the perks of life after many years of bad decisions and poor luck. Some use the term renegade. I call it survival. But aren't you tired of just surviving?

It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I realized that my desire to hustle and work compulsively on what I wanted to focus on (not what my boss or family wanted me to focus on) was a benefit that could feed my family, my bank account, and my own purpose.

Don’t think everything in life and business has been great.  I’ll share with you some of my horror stories as time goes by…but I’ll tell you, it does get better! There is money to be made and you have to be ready…right now!

Once I figured out how to use my skills and eliminate what I thought were my downfalls, I forced my way into a new business, two masters degrees and a Ph.D. at age 27 (none of which would come in handy when learning to run a business)...but I decided that the world was mine.

I know what its like to get fired from a job, to take mediocre work, and churn away day and night on a plan for my business that I think is going to bring customers to my door (or at least calling for information). But the phone never rings and we're forced to make survival decisions based on what we're lacking.

I’ve been honored as an educator, won national awards for marketing, and celebrate my writings as both a testimony and roadmap to breaking through!


Is it your lousy business idea? Your day job? Is it your inability to get customers calling? Maybe it's that you have no idea what direction to go to in order to market your product/service.


*The answer is very simple: Simple Marketing strategies that work and a lifestyle system that drives dollar-based productivity.  I don’t want you to be another player in the arena. I want you to have the WOW, bring the WOW, and live the WOW. You only have one life. Let’s start today.

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